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Best wireless router for every home – 2017

For years, we work for enterprise only, but since we found that consumer need is really huge we decided to step into consumer market (we offer consulting). As a result, we find some best wireless routers and some worst wireless router.

After several tests, our team found that TP-LINK Archer C9 is the best performing. Although this model is provided by a company from China, it impresses us.

Archer C9

Why it is the best wireless router for home?


In Doosys, we do not often care about design of a product. It is just a few words: Quite good design, can stand on a flat surface. It has three detachable antennas, so they can be replaced by better antennas.


With latest 802.11ac chipset and beamforming technology, this router deliver very high speed. In a modern world, where many home devices consume a lot of bandwidth (smartphone, home media server, NAS, camera, 4K/HD video…), this router will make our life become easier.

Its total bandwidth is around 1900Mbps, most of your high speed services will work smoothly for at least next 3 years.

It offers 4 gigabit LAN ports, you can use a network cable to connect it to your Set-top-box, TV, NAS device for storage.

Best cost value.

At the time this post is writen, Amazon sells it with the price around 100$, that’s why it appears in a lot of blogger’s website. Especially, it even appears as the first position in the list of best wireless routers under 100 dollars.


Finding the best wireless router is a hard job, it depends on every need and opinion. We hope our opinion will meet most of others. And if you found this router is excellent, please leave us a comment bellow.

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