Top Five Ways to Boost Home Wi-Fi

Boost Home Wi-Fi and Why?

I was watching the latest season of the Vampire Diaries on my laptop when, all of a sudden, the show came to a stop. It is very frustrating when you are in the midst of your favorite show and the network shuts down (or slows down). I tried to everything I could to restart the network but it was of no avail.

After a few days, one of my good friends told me about top 5 ways to boost home Wi-Fi which he had learned at his office. Thankfully, they are so easy tricks that anyone can try them at his home:

1. Remove all the devices that can interfere with traffic network

The best way to boost your Wi-Fi network is to install a network analyzer app to find the source of interference. Some of the appliances that might be causing the trouble are neighbor’s wireless routers, microwave ovens, security alarms, television and air conditioner remote controls, cordless telephones, automatic garage door openers and baby monitors. To reduce the interference, place your WiFi router away from these appliances and set it to a different wireless frequency and channel.

2. Boost home Wi-Fi = Playing a new Song

Most of the time, getting a faster WiFi signal is as easy as playing a new song. If you live in a townhouse complex or an apartment, you will find yourself surrounded by tens and dozens of WiFi routers. Each one is sending signals to help someone getting online. The issue is that sometimes a bunch of closely working routers can end up interfering with each other’s signals.

When that happens all you need to do is to change your router’s frequency. To help you find a good channel, you could give ViStumbler for Windows a try or you can also use WiFi Analyzer for Android platform.

3. Never Believe the Promise of your Internet Service Provider

The most important rule of Internet service is to never believe the promise your Internet service provider has made. That is where the Internet speed checker software comes in. These simple softwares easily check the network speed and converts them in an easy to understand format that highlights your upload and download speed.

4. The Soda Can Trick

Generally, a soda is something best enjoyed after a project is completed. But in this case, it is necessary to finish one even before you get started. The Aluminium in beer and soda can reflect and extend the signals further than the router itself.

All you have to do is to wash out the can. Cut around the pop top and the bottom of the can using a utility knife. However, don’t cut all the way around and leave around 2 to 3 inches of space at the top. Then, cut down the middle of the can from the bottom on the opposite side of the space. Fan out the flaps and stick one of the antennas of the router through the mouth of the can using a tape to keep it in place. It will greatly improve your signal strength and boost home Wi-Fi to the top speed.

5. Did You Update Your Firmware

It is a universal truth that running firmware updates is very time consuming. But if you have an old router, these updates make sure that your software is running at its best. And don’t forget, it is best to buy a new Internet router every five or six years.

So if you are not getting most of your WiFi Internet connection and if your service is not as fast as your service provider claims it to be, try the above mentioned five tricks to boost home Wi-Fi. You will be surprised to see the results.

And if all the above methods don’t work, it is time to purchase a new wireless router. At least the new one will help you to increase the Wi-Fi coverage.

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