DOOSYS IT Consultants, a provider of training, consulting, and development services in object-oriented technology. We specialize in the design and development of custom Java and C++ applications and OO Software Factories.
The highly skilled professionals at DOOSYS IT Consultants can help you introduce object technology in your organization through a proof-of-concept project, or work with you on new or ongoing assignments. Our number one goal is to assist you in making object technology improve your business.

DOOSYS, short for Distributed Object Oriented Systems, was restarted in 2017 to provide high quality consulting services the areas of object technology, distributed systems and client/server-architectures.
Our commitment to quality and use of state of the art technology have ensured a steady growth of the company. More and more organizations select DOOSYS as their partner to introduce object technology or to maximize the business advantage object technology offers.

DOOSYS has extensive experience in analysis and design of object oriented systems. We use market-leading development environments like:

and implementations using Java and C++ on several platforms in distributed heterogeneous environments. Furthermore, we use the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and CORBA technologies for distributed computing environments.


The ideal combination of:

    • Knowledge
    • Organization
    • Technology

More and more, people have to be more productive with less resources. The market demands this from your company. It is the market which demands more efficiency. One of the ways to become more productive is to find the synergy between the human and the administrative resources available at the workplace.

We are becoming more and more aware of the fact that efficiency results from strong cooperation of the people in your company with the people working for your customers and suppliers.
To reach the highest form of efficiency, the professional should be the center of the processes in your organization.